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Diet: Limit your salty food consumption

HealthyLifestyleRecipe-Diet: limit your salty food consumption

Healthy Lifestyle Recipe

Healthy Lifestyle Recipe – Salty food

If you want to be successful when dieting, You have to be aware of salty foods. It is not only any sweet foods that you should limit their consumption, but you should also reduce the portions of salty foods.

According to a study, salt is not good for heart health, and it has non direct effect to your health.

Indeed not the salt that makes you gain weight. A study done by students of University of North Carolina found that most of salty food packaging contain a lot of fat and sugar. Well, the combination of salt, sugar and fat is what makes you gain weight.

A wide variety of fast food, chips , sausages , corned beef, do contain a lot of sodium, and also contain simple sugars and saturated and trans fats which of course will increase your weight . Salt or salty foods cause an increase in weight of water in the body .

When eating salty foods, you will easily make a lot of thirst and drinking . Eating salt will not directly increase body fat , but it can increase water retention or water retention in the body , which of course will increase your weight . But keep in mind that it is not fat , but water .

Various health organizations ranging from the American Heart Association to the National Academy of Science in the United States recommends salt intake limited to no more than 2,400 mg a day . Not completely eliminated because the salt is also useful in maintaining nerve function.

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